Report an IUU Fishing Vessel

This page is for reporting IUU fishing vessels and their owners/operators. Anyone can report a vessel. All claims will be carefully scrutinized before posting on the Greenpeace Blacklist. You can read the criteria for listing an IUU vessel here.

If you want to report an IUU vessel, send an email with the following details to All emails must be accompanied by evidence establishing the vessel engaged in IUU fishing, preferably including reliable testimonials and photographic evidence.

  1. Your Full Name:
  2. Title:
  3. Company / Organisation:
  4. Your Contact Email Address:
  5. Vessel Name:
  6. Vessels owners/operator (if known):
  7. Summary of Incident:
  8. Date of Incident:
  9. Location of Incident:
  10. Reason Incident is IUU Fishing:
  11. List of Attachments: