Name: Caribe (2007-09-25)
Previous Name(s):
  • Kerguelen (2003-06-02)
  • Kerguelen De Tramarec (1993-10-01)
  • Commandant Gue (1988-02-24)
Blacklisted In:
Notes: On September 20, 2005, Greenpeace confronted the high seas bottom trawler Kerguelen fishing illegally in the international waters of the Barents Sea known as the ‘Loophole’. At the time, available information indicated that the vessel was flagged to Togo, despite contradictory statements by the Captain and in the ship’s paperwork. The vessel is known to have fished under several different flags in recent years and has been blacklisted as a vessel, which has engaged in IUU or ‘pirate’ fishing since 2005 by the Northeast Atlantic Fisheries Commission, the European Union, and in 2006, by Iceland. The Kerguelen’s captain admitted to Greenpeace that he was knowingly bottom trawling for deep-sea fish with no legal quota and therefore engaged in illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing.In December 2005, Greenpeace learned that the Kerguelen had docked in the Portuguese port of Aveiro on October 10, 2005. Information obtained from Portuguese sources at this time indicated that the owner of the Kerguelen is Antonio Silva Vieira. Vieira owns Grupo Silva Vieira (GSV).
Flag: Cuba Cuba (2007-09-25)
Previous Flags:
  • Togo Togo (1000-01-01)
  • Mauritius Mauritius (2003-06-02)
  • French Southern Territories French Southern Territories (1995-06-01)
Owner Company:Grupo Silva Viera ()
Previous Companies:
Previous IRCS:
IMO Number:7351161.0 ()
Vessel Type: Trawler ()
Vessel Length: 87.0 ()
Controller Country/Region: Portugal Portugal
Satcom Number:
Fishing Number:
Vessel Location:
Previous Locations:

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* 1000-01-01 = unknown