Name: Brites (1971-08-31)
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Notes: The Canadian fisheries inspectors boarder the Brites on May 4 2004. Rotting cod, American plaice and red fish - allspecies under moratoria was found poking through it's nets. When the net was eventually retrieved, its mesh was 107 millimetres wide. To protect threatened species, the smallest mesh width allowed on nets is 130 millimetres wide.Despite clear evidence indicating a violation of international fishing regulations, the Brites was not prosecuted. Consultations between the Portuguese government and the European Union resulted in an order for the Brites to return to Portugal to undergo inspection. A fisheries inspector from the EU remained on board for the trip home. The decision to send the boat home was supposed to demonstrate the EUs commitment to conservation.
Flag: Portugal Portugal (1971-08-31)
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Owner Company:Grupo Silva Viera ()
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IMO Number:7107431.0 ()
Vessel Type: Trawler ()
Vessel Length: 80.3 ()
Controller Country/Region: Portugal Portugal
Satcom Number:263516000.0
Fishing Number:A-2130-N
Vessel Location: Aveira ()
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* 1000-01-01 = unknown