Red (Broken Up)

Name: Red (Broken Up) (2008-10-02)
Previous Name(s):
  • Kabou (1000-01-01)
  • Joana (1000-01-01)
  • Lootus (2000-03-23)
Blacklisted In:
  • NAFO
  • Reason for blacklisting: Vessel listed pursuant to Article 49.8 of the NAFO CEM (NEAFC IUU-listed vessel).
  • Source of IUU information:
  • Reason for blacklisting: The Guinea registered trawler «Kabou» was arrested for illegal fishing on July 1 2006. On board the crew had not updated the fishing journal, and mesh size was not according to regulations.The trawler was brought up to Vadsø by Norwegian coastguard and was given a 350.000 NOK fine. Catch in the value of 3 million NOK was confiscated. Several different identities were found on board
  • Source of IUU information: news/pirate-arrested
Notes: The pirate trawler Joana (aka Kabou aka Lootus) that was arrested by Norway in June 2005 has now arrived Portugal and its home town Aveiro. The arrival was not communicated by Portugal to Norway, but according to Norwegian officials, the Portugese Fisheries Ministry has said that "they have control over the vessel, and that the entire harbour of Aveiro has been closed to any fish offloading". This was communicated after Greenpeace had documented that the vessel had arrived Aveiro. Greenpeace investigation uncovered its real name had been the 'Lootus', and that until it "disappeared" from official registers, the ship had known connections to Spanish fishing company Oya Perez. Further research revealed it now appears to be connected to a Portuguese company named Silvia Vieira - a group with known links to other pirate vessels operating in the area. When we spotted the vessel Wednesday 15 August 2006, it looked empty and abandoned. We saw no guards nor police either, and doubt the entire Aveiro port is closed for fish offloads.On the same quay as the KABOU were also the trawlers BRITES and KERGUELEN, all three controlled by Silvia Vieira. Such blacklisting means for example that all contracting port states, like Portugal, must inspect all such vessels, refuse all offloading of fish and refuse any service. The IMO number of the vessel in the NEAFC blacklist is wrong The quote (in portuguese) at x?id=35394 by the operator Silva Vieira explain the various identities of the vessel correct Vessel arrived in Lisbon on March 12, 2009 to be broken up
Flag: Panama Panama (2007-02-01)
Previous Flags:
  • Guinea Guinea (1000-01-01)
  • Togo Togo (1000-01-01)
Owner Company:Grupo Silva Viera (2008-10-02)
Previous Companies:
IRCS:3EJ13 (2008-10-02)
Previous IRCS:
IMO Number:6706084 (2008-10-02)
Vessel Type: Trawler (2008-10-02)
Vessel Length: 74.0 (2008-10-02)
Controller Country/Region: Portugal Portugal
Satcom Number:
Fishing Number:
Vessel Location: Lisbon (2009-03-12)
Previous Locations:
  • Aveiro (2009-03-11)

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* 1000-01-01 = unknown