Name: Aveirense (2006-04-30)
Previous Name(s):
  • Adelia Maria (1974-08-31)
Blacklisted In:
  • Greenpeace
  • Reason for blacklisting: Two citations are issued to the Aveirense for failing to wait 30 minutes before retrieving fishing gear after being notified that inspectors were coming on board and for fishing for species under moratoria.
  • Source of IUU information:
Notes: In May 2004 upon approach of the Canadian patrol vessel, the Aveirense started retrieving its trawl. The master was directed not to retrieve the net. The master agreed verbally to this direction but actually retrieved and dumped the catch prior to the boarding. Inspectors observed small American plaice/witch observed on the deck area and in the factory. There was evidence of flounder species (American plaice/witch) around the net, over the deck (approx 600 kg), below in the ramp (approximately 300kg) and in the discard chutes. A crew member was observed shoveling flounder out through the discard chute. It is unknown how much of the catch in the current tow was discarded overboard by the crew. Other crewmembers were observed moving pans of processed American plaice/witch to the crew area. In one room away from the factory, there were 19 pans of American plaice (22 kg/pan). The fish in the pans would have been from previous tows. In addition to the 19 pans of fresh American plaice found near the crew quarters, there were 2 pans of fresh American plaice and 3 of other species in the factory area and 44 pans of American plaice, 17 of witch and 10 of other species found in the plate freezers. The total weight of fish (live weight) found in the general factory area was 3,242.8kgs: 57% American plaice, 15% witch, and 28% of other species. (Fishing for American plaice has been banned for more than a decade because the stock is so weak under the regional RMFO rules.)
Flag: Portugal Portugal (1974-08-31)
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Owner Company:Grupo Silva Viera ()
Previous Companies:
Previous IRCS:
IMO Number:7362823.0 ()
Vessel Type: Trawler ()
Vessel Length: 80.1 ()
Controller Country/Region: Portugal Portugal
Satcom Number:426350220.0
Fishing Number:A-2318-N
Vessel Location: Aveira ()
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