Fu Lien No.1

Name: Fu Lien No.1 (2001-01-31)
Previous Name(s):
  • Tropac No. 1 (1993-12-31)
  • Korbee No. 1 (1973-12-31)
Blacklisted In:
  • Reason for blacklisting: Is without nationality and harvested species covered by the WCPFC Convention in the Convention Area (CMM 2007-03, para 3h)
  • Source of IUU information: WCPFC IUU VESSEL LIST FOR 2011
Notes: The USA indicated that at the time of the violation, the vessel was without nationality. It entered a USA port in August 2009, and subsequent inspection revealed it had fished on the high seas of the Convention Area in 2008 and 2009, when it was not properly flagged, and therefore was fishing on the high seas in the Convention Area without nationality. The WCPFC Legal Adviser noted that the vessel subsequently took the flag of Georgia, but that under international law a flag State can only exercise responsibility for a vessel if the vessel is flagged to that State at the time of the offence. CMM 2007-03 provides that a vessel without nationality fishing in the Convention Area can be placed on the IUU list. If this is to be recommended he noted the need to also consider how the vessel could be removed from the list, as flag State action is required.
Flag: Georgia Georgia (2009-08-31)
Previous Flags:
  • Georgia Georgia (2003-02-28)
  • Cambodia Cambodia (2002-01-31)
  • Cook Islands Cook Islands (2006-05-31)
  • Panama Panama (1973-12-31)
Owner Company:Fu Lien Fishery Co Ltd (2010-02-28)
Previous Companies:
IRCS:4LIN2 (2009-08-31)
Previous IRCS:
IMO Number:7355662 (1973-12-31)
Vessel Type: Longliner (1973-12-31)
Vessel Length: 46.9 (2011-07-05)
Controller Country/Region: Taiwan Taiwan
Satcom Number:213858000
Fishing Number:
Vessel Location: High Seas Convention Area (2009-12-31)
Previous Locations:

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